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Your house can often be your largest single investment you will ever make, so it makes sense that you should protect its value.


One aspect of this protection is the roof. Roof tiles are continuously attacked by the elements and become porous with age and as a result create the ideal conditions to promote the growth of lichen, algae and moss.


This unwanted growth can seriously damage the surface of the tiles over a oeriod of time leading to a further roof failure and can also look unsightly and create a shabby appearance to an otherwise sound looking home.


The roof is pressure cleaned and all lichen, algae, moss and any other unwanted residue is removed.

Phoenix is one of the countries leading cleaning and sealing companies in the country.

All this work can be done a whole lot cheaper than replacing the entire roof.


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"I have been looking for some time to get my conservatory cleaned. My next door neighbour paid more than I did 6 months ago for a very poor job. I would have no problems in recommending this service for the more sceptical customer, mainly because I was one! I am looking out the window via my transformed conservatory, free from algae, moss, dirt and best of all clean, really clean. I will definitely be calling on Phoenix Conservatory Cleaning in a few years time."